What Do we Do?

ErionProfessional is the only national non-profitProducer Responsibility Organisation dedicated solely to the management of professional Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, with significant quotas of responsibility in the WEEE system.


The regulations relating to the management of professional WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) provide for the obligation of the Producers to guarantee the end user of the good the possibility of returning it when it becomes waste by financing the related costs.
The Producer Responsibility Organisation, specialised in the collection and valorisation of professional WEEE, represents the safe and virtuous way to comply with EU and national regulations on WEEE, thus enhancing the commitment of its associates to social and environmental issues.

Erion Professional is innovation not only in the breadth of the services offered, but in the real and concrete contribution to the transition to the circular economy. A commitment that is reflected in projects capable of adding value to the entire sector, contributing to the optimisation of processes and reduction of costs. This context also includes Exceed, a new service that proposes an innovative approach to the management of professional waste, thus ensuring that Producers of professional EEE contribute positively to the achievement of the collection targets set by Legislative Decree 49/2014, while offering high added value services to their professional network of installers and distributors.

Thanks to its strategic partnership with the services company Interzero Italy, Erion Professional is able to offer an even more efficient service, with dedicated information and operating models capable of integrating data from all parties involved, ensuring the full traceability of all WEEE under the Producer Responsibility Organisation responsibility.
Erion Professional does not only ensure full regulatory compliance, but is also a valid support for everything concerning the Extended Producer Responsibility and the implementation of the circular economy in businesses.

How to
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Find out how to become a member of the most important Italian Extended Producer Responsibility system for the management of WEEE, Batteries, Packaging, Tobacco and Textile Products. A single service for every need.