The new paradigm of B2B compliance

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Erion Professional is innovation not only in the breadth of services offered, but in the real and concrete contribution to the transition towards the circular economy. This is where Exceed, the first voluntary generational system for the collection and recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, comes into play, alongside the traditional management carried out with ‘one-for-one’ and ‘one-for-zero’ logics.

The service provides a different approach to the management of the professional waste collection network. Thanks to Exceed, Producers overcome the old models of B2B compliance management by voluntarily committing to create value for the environment and their sales networks by participating in the achievement of the ambitious European targets.

The advantages for Producers
Simplicity, security, compliance.
All guaranteed by Erion’s excellence

Total outsourcing of activities related to the management of Professional WEEE

Proactive contribution to the achievement of the European collection target, which is still far away

Strengthening of awareness creation and of the corporate social responsibility policy

Access to a high value-added service for the own commercial network

* starting 1 April 2022

Exceed: direct benefits for Producers, installers and dealers

In addition to outsourcing all management activities to Erion, for Producers joining Exceed means limiting the risk of a potential personal responsibility for achieving separate collection targets, as suggested by recent interpretations of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) framework.

The economic commitment is offset by the value distributed across the commercial network and by the simplifications in process management.

  • free environmental compliance and training;
  • dedicated environmental training aimed at avoiding borderline behaviours;
  • operational simplification thanks to the use of a dedicated app for document and collections management;
  • economic and/or service incentives;
  • free and timely collection of waste (also from the customer’s premises), with guaranteed traceability of the entire chain;
  • collection of all professional air conditioning WEEE, regardless of brand.