Exceed Food

An exclusive service for distributors and customers

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Exceed Food is Erion’s program for improving the management of professional WEEE in the “Slicing machines and similar equipment” sector.

Thanks to the innovative approach conceived by Erion Professional, the Producer can delegate to the Collective Scheme the responsibility for the direct management of all collection requests coming from distributors and businesses (e.g. supermarkets), as well as the collection of WEEE from their premises.

With Exceed Food, Producers participating in the program as well as their distribution networks and direct customers can take advantage of significant administrative simplifications and of the benefits deriving from the compliant management of WEEE, proactively contributing to environmental protection and to the achievement of the ambitious European collection targets.

Producers part of Exceed Food, the first voluntary generational collection and recycling system of Professional WEEE, shall pay to the Collective Scheme the fees indicated in the following table:

Item code
2022 Visible Eco-fee (ECR)
EUR/unit + VAT
Other small EEE <50 cm
Other large EEE > 50 cm