Exceed Food: the pluses for Producers

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Thanks to the new approach developed by Erion Professional, the Producer can delegate to the Compliance Scheme the responsibility for the direct management of all collection requests from distributors and companies (e.g., large retailers), as well as the collection of WEEE from their premises.

Only the official system organized by the Producers guarantees that WEEE is treated to the highest standards and recovered with minimum percentages that exceed those envisaged by European targets. The Exceed model contributes positively to the development of the circular economy and ensures that companies are in full compliance with their obligations under the Extended Producer Responsibility regime.

The advantages for Exceed Food Producers
Simplicity, safety, compliance.
Everything guaranteed by the excellence of Erion


Outsourcing of all operations related to the management of Professional WEEE

Proactive contribution to the achievement of the European collection target, which is still a long way off

Strengthening awareness and corporate social responsibility policy

Offering a high value-added service for the own commercial network

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Producers who put on the market Professional Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) belonging to the Ho.re.ca sector, and specifically to the “Slicers and Similar” segment, can join Exceed Food.

Any professional EEE belonging to the Ho.re.ca sector, and specifically to the “Slicers and Similar” segment, such as slicers, meat mincers and sausage fillers.

Household WEEE is defined as all the waste from equipment used by households but also that which can be used indifferently by households and professional users (dual-use).

Professional WEEE is defined as waste coming exclusively from equipment designed with functions and characteristics such as to be different from that intended for the final consumer and thus only usable by professionals or businesses.

Exceed Food has the primary goal of increasing the collection streams of Professional WEEE in Italy and meet the European target of 65%. For this reason, only those Producers who put on the market EEE from the Ho.re.ca sector intended for professional use can join the program.

The Exceed Food service was developed by Producers of professional equipment belonging to the “Slicers and Similar” sector to increase the collection streams of the related professional waste in Italy. With Exceed Food, Producers, distributors and their customers can enjoy significant administrative simplifications and the benefits deriving from the compliant management of WEEE, proactively contributing to the protection of the environment and the achievement of ambitious European collection targets.

Find out Erion’s numbers at www.erionesseresostenibili.org

For Erion Professional Producers, joining the Exceed Food program is voluntary. For more information contact our experts at: exceedfood@erionprofessional.it.

There are many, but the most important are three.

  • ONE: simplification of all bureaucratic procedures relating to waste management.
  • TWO: assurance that the waste will be properly treated according to the highest standards of environmental protection.
  • THREE: the valorisation of your contribution to the achievement of the collection target envisaged for Professional WEEE and set by the regulatory framework at 65% of the volumes put on the market in the previous three years.

We only use Italian treatment plants, which after having made the waste safe (by removing, for example, the gas) will treat it obtaining a very high recovery percentage. We are a group of collective schemes with more than ten years of experience and we manage most of the electrical and electronic waste in Italy: we know what we are doing, and we like to do it well.

Find out Erion’s numbers at www.erionesseresostenibili.org

Fees 2024

Producers part of Exceed Food, the first voluntary generational collection and recycling system of Professional WEEE, shall pay to the Collective Scheme the fees indicated in the following table:

Item code
2024 Visible Eco-fee (ECR)
EUR/unit + VAT
Other small EEE <50 cm
Other large EEE > 50 cm