Exceed Printing: the pluses for Dealers

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Exceed Printing is the virtuous system designed by Erion Professional to offer concrete and environmentally sustainable solutions to Dealers, i.e., distributors and resellers to whom the end user turns for requests to purchase, install, and replace EEE belonging to the Printing sector and representing a key element in the collection chain.

Only the official system organized by the Producers guarantees that WEEE is treated to the highest standards and recovered with minimum percentages that exceed those envisaged by European targets. The Exceed model contributes positively to the development of the circular economy and ensures that companies are in full compliance with their obligations under the Extended Producer Responsibility regime.

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The advantages for Dealers

Dealers who choose the new Exceed Printing service can enjoy numerous facilities and considerable benefits. The program provides two levels of membership: Basic and Premium.

The Basic membership guarantees Dealers:

  • timely and free waste collection upon reaching a minimum threshold of 1,000 kg (including at the customer’s premises), with guaranteed treatment and traceability of the entire operation;
  • a preferential rate for enrolment in Category 3 Bis of the National Register of Environmental Managers;
  • the protection of an exclusive contract and full conformity with regulatory and environmental provisions, guaranteed by Erion Professional Compliance Scheme, an industry leader in Italy

Dealers Those who distribute, install and replace EEE can request the collection service for professional WEEE from the “Printing” sector by connecting to the dedicated portal or contacting the address exceedprinting@erionprofessional.it.

The Premium membership guarantees Dealer:

  • full conformity with environmental regulatory provisions; enrolment in Category 3 Bis of the National Register of Environmental Managers and support for regulatory compliance;
  • dedicated environmental training and advice on simplified WEEE management;
  • maximum bureaucratic and operational simplification thanks to the online documentary management of collections;
  • a dedicated app and portal to book WEEE collections and produce the related environmental documents with one click. IT support for the use of the app;
  • Timely and free waste collection upon reaching a minimum threshold of 1,000 kg (including at the customer’s premises), with guaranteed traceability of the entire operation.

Exceed Printing: the app for Dealers

The Exceed app allows Dealers of Printing sector to have all the solutions they need at their fingertips. In fact, the app allows them to simplify bureaucratic producers, manage data flows relating to stocks, communicate with the chain’s stakeholders, reduce errors in the classification of e-waste and to be always updated and aligned with the Italian environmental legislation relating to the management of WEEE.

Are you a Premium Dealer and part of Exceed? What are you waiting for? The app is available for free on the Google Play and Apple Store platforms.

Any doubts or questions?
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The Dealer is the professional who, in the course of his activity, distributes, installs and replaces Professional Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) belonging to the Printing sector.

Any EEE that belong to the professional Printing sector such as printers, copiers, multifunction printers, photoprinters, 3D printers, scanners and plotters.

Household WEEE is defined as all the waste from equipment used by households but also that which can be used indifferently by households and professional users (dual-use).

Professional WEEE is defined as waste coming exclusively from equipment designed with functions and characteristics such as to be different from that intended for the final consumer and thus only usable by professionals or businesses.

Exceed Printing has the primary goal of increasing the collection streams of Professional WEEE in Italy and meet the European target of 65%. For this reason, only those Producers who put on the market EEE from the “Printing” sector intended for professional use can join the program.

The Exceed Printing service has been developed by Producers of professional printers and photocopiers to increase the collection streams of the related waste in Italy. With Exceed Printing, Producers, Dealers, users and logistics partners can enjoy significant administrative simplifications and the benefits deriving from the compliant management of WEEE, proactively contributing to the protection of the environment and the achievement of ambitious European collection targets.

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The service is aimed at all Dealers who sell on the italian market EEE of Producers members of Exceed Printing. If you want to know how to join Exceed Printing, write to exceedprinting@erionprofessional.it and you will receive a contact request from Erion Professional.

There are many, but the most important are three.

  • ONE: simplification of all bureaucratic procedures relating to waste management.
  • TWO: assurance that the waste will be properly treated according to the highest standards of environmental protection.
  • THREE: the valorisation of your contribution to the achievement of the collection target envisaged for Professional WEEE and set by the regulatory framework at 65% of the volumes put on the market in the previous three years.

For the time being, Exceed Printing’s members Producers decide the level of membership. If you would like to know how to join this category, please write an email to exceedprinting@erionprofessional.it. Erion Professional will contact the Producer directly to update you and give you further guidance.

The maximum quantity you can transport is 3,500 kg and the vehicles you will use must not have a payload greater than 3,500 kg and a mass greater than 6,000 kg. This threshold is valid for the journey from the collection point (your customer’s premises) to your warehouse. If, on the other hand, you use our vehicles, higher quantities can be transported.

The WEEE Grouping Place (related to the purchase of a new EEE) and the Temporary Storage Facility (related to the collections of professional printers originating from your business) must comply with precise regulatory requirements. Remember that you will need to empty your Grouping Place and/or Temporary Storage Facility at the frequency required by current law. The training provided to you online and with the app will address this and many other legal issues in detail.

For the collection of waste there is a complex bureaucracy which the Dealer must strictly follow as there are severe penalties and inspections are frequent. Exceed Printing gives you all the tools to do things right and help reach the 65% collection target set for Professional WEEE without worries.

When you collect obsolete equipment from your customers – following the sale of new equipment – enrolment in Category 3 Bis of the National Register of Environmental Managers is required. If you are a Premium Dealer, we will do it for you: Producers who join Exceed Printing will bear the associated cost. If you are a Basic Dealer you can enrol in the Register by taking advantage of a preferential rate.

If you collect waste deriving from professional printers originating from your business, enrolment in the National Register of Environmental Managers is not mandatory.

Exceed Printing provides two modes of management. If you are a Premium Dealer, there is a dedicated app for you that you can download free from online stores (there is also a web version, if that is more convenient for you).
With the app you will be able to electronically manage all your environmental documents, which will be pre-filled and will make it easier to fill out your hard copy, and always from the app you will be able to send us service requests (which can also be sent automatically). If you are a Basic Dealer, Erion supports you in regulatory compliance for the management of all environmental documents. If you need assistance just send an email to: exceedprinting@erionprofessional.it.
It is all very simple.

No, you can also send us to collect it directly from your customer after the decommissioning of the machine. We can also agree on a precise date to make it even easier.

Yes, but the Exceed Printing service is for professional equipment only (which you collect from your VAT-registered business customers) and therefore you will have to separately store the WEEE belonging to the Printing sector coming from households (i.e., that you collect from private citizens). You can ask us to collect those as well, if you wish, and we will explain how to do so.

By joining Exceed, you can also request collections of waste deriving from professional printers originating from your business, not directly linked to the installation of new equipment.

We only use Italian treatment plants, which after having made the waste safe (by removing, for example, the gas) will treat it obtaining a very high recovery percentage. We are a group of collective schemes with more than ten years of experience and we manage most of the electrical and electronic waste in Italy: we know what we are doing, and we like to do it well.

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