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The WEEE legislation provides for different administrative requirements that the Producer must fulfil in order to avoid financial penalties.

Often compliance with these formalities can be procedurally complex and that is why among the services provided by the Collective Scheme those involving administrative procedures are among the most appreciated.

Payment of charges for the Supervisory and Control Committee activities and EEE Register

Each year the Supervisory and Control Committee draws up the market quotas and the related charges that all Producers must pay for the financing of the Supervisory and Control Committee activities and for keeping the EEE Register.

The fees paid by Producers to the Collective Schemes are all-inclusive as they also comprise these charges. Consequently, Erion Professional Members not only have the benefit of eliminating their respective bureaucratic tasks, but do not have to bear any additional costs.

In addition, the Collective Scheme deals with:

  • the administrative procedures and formalities required by the National EEE Register;
  • the deletion or addition of new codes and extension to other sectors.

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