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Erion Professional is the partner of reference for Producers of professional EEE, effectively addressing in a simple, safe and smooth way all their regulatory obligations in the field of WEEE.

Erion Professional Members are constantly supported by a qualified and professional team able to offer timely and specialised assistance at both regulatory and procedural levels. Members can also rely on a dedicated portal and reserved area where they can view – in complete safety and transparency – their profile, the WEEE categories for which they are registered, their accounting situation, their upcoming obligations and much more.

In addition to assistance on all matters relating to the various WEEE Decrees, the Collective Scheme makes available to its associates a wide portfolio of services.

Friendly Register

Annually, the Producer must submit the declaration of the volumes placed on the market not only to the Collective Scheme but alto to the WEEE Register, within the time frame set and defined by the Ministry for the Environment and the Supervisory and Control Committee.

In order to support its Members in meeting this important requirement, Erion Professional makes available free of charge the Friendly Register service, allowing Producers to delegate to the Collective Scheme the task of submitting on their behalf the annual communications of the volumes placed on the market to the Register.

The service is free and included in the annual fee.

Updates, training seminars, manuals, guides and newsletters: Erion has numerous tools available for the Member to ensure that it is always kept informed and updated on the latest regulatory news and not only.

Erion Professional makes available to Producers a technical information document addressing in detail the topic of WEEE marking and the methods to use in order to inform users in compliance with current regulations.

The Collective Scheme also provides all the material necessary for marking EEE such as the symbol of the crossed-out wheelie bin.

Foreign Producers who do not have a registered office in Italy and sell their products on the Italian territory are required to comply with the obligations imposed under national law (EEE Legislative Decree 49/2014).

In this regard, the law provides for the appointment of an authorised WEEE Representative responsible for fulfilling obligations falling on the Producer. In order to facilitate the process, Erion Professional Members may use the services of an authorised representative.

This is possible thanks to the exclusive partnership with Eco Legal Counsel, a legal consultancy firm which provides Authorised Representative services to foreign entities, ensuring the completion of all electronic registration procedures and communication requirements to the Register.

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