The new frontier of B2B compliance

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Producers who adhere to Erion have the certainty of being able to count on a system that guarantees absolute environmental excellence through innovative and unique tools.

Among these, there is Exceed, the first generational voluntary system for the collection and recycling of Waste from Professional Electrical and Electronic Equipment.

Thanks to the Exceed program, Erion’s members go beyond the old B2B compliance management models by proactively committing to create value for the environment and their sales networks.

Exceed relieves Producers from the regulatory obligation to deal directly with the management of their professional WEEE, by introducing a system that delegates to Erion all the activities related to the management of collection requests from end users and/or the network. In this way, the Producers, associated with the Erion System, contribute, in a clear and instant way, to the achievement of the European collection target (since 2019 equal to 65% of the POM in the previous three years) from which Italy is still very far due to the dispersion of B2B flows, the lack of engineering of collection processes, the borderline behaviour of the logistic operators generated by the lack of information and environmental training.

Exceed offers concrete and innovative solutions with the protection of an exclusive contract that simplifies the bureaucratic steps and ensures absolute compliance with environmental provisions.

All guaranteed by Erion excellence.

Exceed Clima: direct benefits for producers and installers

Exceed Clima is Erion’s program designed for the management of professional WEEE in the air conditioning sector.
A system made virtuous thanks to the direct involvement of IdroTermoSanitari (ITS) installers, to whom the customer turns for replacement requests and who represent a key element in the collection chain of the professional air conditioning appliances.
With Exceed Clima both producers and installers can benefit from significant administrative simplifications and benefits deriving from the compliant management of WEEE.

Benefits for Producers:

in addition to outsourcing all management activities to Erion, for Producers it means limiting the danger of a potential personal responsibility for achieving recycling goals, as supposed by the recent interpretations of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR).

The economic commitment is balanced by the value distributed on the commercial network and by the simplifications in the process management.

  • free environmental compliance and training;
  • environmental dedicated training aimed at avoiding borderline behaviours;
  • operational simplification thanks to the introduction of apps for document management and collections;
  • economic and/or service incentives (free above the threshold);
  • dedicated contact center;
  • free and timely waste collection (even at customer’s domicile), with a guarantee of traceability of the entire supply chain;
  • collection of all WEEE professional air conditioning appliances, regardless of the brand.