Erion Professional
financing model

The Producer Responsibility Organisation financing model provides for a fixed annual fee for all Producers, regardless of the type of professional EEE. This fee is paid for covering the administrative and assistance services to Members.

Collection, transport and treatment activities are subject to a personal quotation, starting from a specific price list using to the following parameters:

  • collection and transport to the facility plant: in relation to the collection location and weight transported in each load;
  • treatment at the facility plant: variable according to the EWC Code identifying the waste;
  • optional services, such as labour for loading operations, collection from sites with difficult access, collection from places above or below ground, collection in restricted traffic zones, use of handling and lifting equipment.


Alternatively, some systems operate according to the generational financing model called Erion Exceed, which allows to pay an eco-contribution used for implementing efficient networks for the collection and treatment of end-of-life professional equipment.

How to
become a member?

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